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The Island of Ikaria and Armenistis



Ikaria is one of the most unspoiled of the Greek islands, often called 'the beautiful unknown'. The Atheras mountains seperate the rugged rocky cliffs of the south from the gentler landscape of the north with its green river valleys, plane trees and oleander; its scatered villages with olive trees, terraced vineyards and orchards. Beehives are everywhere, and honey from Ikaria is a deliacacy. Ikaria's higher regions are wooded. Holm oaks and ferns grow beween enormous granite boulders and on a clear day you have an unforgettable view of the Cyclades, the Dodekanes and the northern Aegean islands.

Ikaria is a paradise for independent travelers, hikers and nature-lovers. Tourism centers are around the small coastal towns Armenistis, Gialiskari and Nas with their sandy beaches on the glass-clear, turquios-blue Agean sea.                           

Armenistis ist located on the lovely northern side of Ikaria. Thankis to its wonderful beaches, the former fishermen's hamlet has become an attractive destination for visitors. However, it is only in August, when the entire population of Athens spreads over the islands, that it gets crowded. During the rest of the year, the village, with samll and medium-sized hotels, inns and private accomodations, is quiet an peaceful.

There are many possiblieties on Ikaria - either in a group or on your own. It would be a pity to spend all your time at the beach. There are many hiking trails on the island, albeit some better marked then others, and more of the old forgotten paths are being restored. We can give you tips for outings and hikes. Dolichi Tours in Armenistis offers organiszed tours of the island.

Cars, Jeeps, Scooters and Mountainbikes can be rented in Armenistis.

Restaurants, Bars and Nightlife
There are some taverns and bars in Armenisits and Nas, where you can enjoy Greek cooking, including vegetarian meals. A discotheque next to the beach is open during the high season.

There is a supermarket in Armenistis and some smaller shops with art crafts and souvenirs.

Health Care
There are doctors in Christos Rachon and Evdilos. Agios Kirikos has a small hospital.

Banks with cash dispensers can be fond in Christos Rachon, Evdilos and Agios Kirikos.

Lonely Planet Travel Guide: Greek Islands